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FeelMyHome started out as a hobby because we wanted to find the right products like home and decor, powertools kitchen tools and accessories – without having to pay thousands of dollars for them. We began curating products from different manufacturers, and soon we were receiving overwhelmingly positive responses

FeelMyHome THE place for unique product inspiration,for your home  and you always find the most useful Home and decors, powertools and kitchen tools. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a full-time quest for the best gadget and accessories the world has to offer. We source from all over the world and we’re constantly on the hunt for more. Every one of our items is unique and most of our items are handmade-to-order for you! Even though the processing times are somewhat longer, this method ensures you will always get a unique yet top-quality product straight from the manufacturer. Our products are beautifully designed, elegant, and durable, but it’s also affordable. How is that possible? Because we cut out the middleman and ship directly from our designers and manufacturers to you.

At FeelMyHome, we provide quality products at a cheap prize to our customers in the US and Europe.

We don’t use our own warehouses, we are using our suppliers warehouse and in that way, we can provide the best prices and quality products to our customers.

Our mission is to make our customers most satisfied and that they have a good experience shopping with us.

Our specialty:

Smart Kitchen tools:

We wish to make things easier for your kitchen, therefore we have found the most practical, easy, useful and smart kitchen tools for you to make your life easier in your kitchen. Here you will find kitchen tools for young and old chefs.

It is time to take back your kitchen with www.feelmyhome.com smart tools

Home Design:

We know that it can be hard to find out what you need and how to use it in the best way when it comes to home design. We have done the work for you.

Here you can find some good ideas to make your home look great and luxurious, and things you can use as “the last touch” for your home. You will find it here at www.feelmyhome.com

We are only using the best suppliers (who test all their products before they are shipped) and the greatest and highest quality home design products we can find.

Our goal is for you as a customer to have all the opportunities to make your home look great.

Home Improvements:

If you need some special things for your home, you have come to the right place. Here you can find products that can improve your home and will surely give your home and health a boost.

We bring the inspiration, you just have to use the ideas.


All our products are shipped from a factory, therefore we have the best and most useful products you can find, and all our products are of high quality and we provide free shipping.

Our products are sold on both this website and Amazon. Our site is secured with an SSL-certificate, so your information is safe. We do not share any information not needed to complete the order, with anyone. Either the company in China or Amazon Storage ships our products.

All our products are real and manufactured as a wholesale product. We do not and are not allowed to trade with fake products.


If you have any complaints about our products concerning copyright or trademark, please contact us immediately. We are 100% committed to following the law and obey the certification that confirms the trademark in the U.S.

For any issue except customer service, send an email to [email protected]

If you need to contact us:

We have 24/7 customer service

[email protected]

Customer service Phone: (+47) 97950174

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