Mini Coffee Maker


To all Coffee lovers!!

Wow!! This must be the most amazing Mini Coffee Maker who has been made. The Coffeemaker has a unique design and its handheld manual operated.

We all have hobbies and some of them is outdoor activities. If you go fishing, hunting, camping, or just love to travel, What if you can enjoy your favorite coffee were ever you are? wouldn’t that be a dream come thru?

Don’t think about power, cable, batteries, Only thing you need is your favorite coffee powder and hot water on a thermos. Yes, that’s all you need. That’s it what makes it so unique, its just to fill water and two scoops of coffee powder and start to pump. The Coffee maker has its own cup, and you can make 5 cups in one use.

Think about when you are hunting or go camping with friends, and you have the opportunity to make them all a good cup of coffee, your friends will love it and be amazed.

If you are in the army and are on a mission, Be your own barista and make your own favorite coffee long away from home, maybe you will feel a taste of home.

what makes it’s so unique:

This mini espresso maker has a sleek modern design and intuitive operation -Save time and money: enjoy a cup of espresso when you are waiting in line, a great way to save time and money

All-in-one design: 6 pieces are in all design, including water cup, measuring cup, main body, filter cup, outlet head, and espresso cup, making it much easier to make a cup of coffee to go.

The way to use it:

It’s so easy to use this follow the steps below and you will have a perfect result every time you use it.

1. Fill the scoop with coffee powder

2. Put the filter cup on the top of the scoop, and pour the coffee powder into it

3. Put back the filter on the top of the main body

4. Screw tightly the outlet head into the main body

5. Add boiling water into the water cup

6. Screw tightly the main body onto the water cup 7. Unlock the piston by rotating it to the left 8. Hold the mini espresso maker above the cup and start to pump 9. The first 6 strokes will fill the filter cup with water. Continue to pump it until the coffee comes out.

If this is hard to understand, we have made a video who shows how to use it. follow this link

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