Your Home , Our Design

YOUR HOME, OUR DESIGN Get a nice design in your home and add the perfect finishing touch with our home accessories. Discover accessories, from designer items to decorative cushions and wall decor. Perfect for infusing any interior with a breath of fresh air, our assortment has the power to turn a house into a home. …

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Brand FeelMyHome

Why We Created the Brand FeelMyHome -FeelMyHome has one mission, we wish to make the days more easy to handle if its to decorate your home or to handle your cooking -We created because we now that people out in the big world is looking for smart and easy kitchen tools who can make …

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Halloween Products

WHAT TO USE  TO DECORATE FOR HALLOWEEN Soon its Halloween and its time to find out what Halloween products to use to decorate your home with. Halloween is 31 October and its one of the scariest festivals and you as many others are going to make a scary and spooky atmosphere for their friends or guest. …

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Mini Coffee Maker

MINI COFFEE MAKER To all Coffee lovers!! Wow!! This must be the most amazing Mini Coffee Maker who has been made. The Coffeemaker has a unique design and its handheld manual operated. We all have hobbies and some of them is outdoor activities. If you go fishing, hunting, camping, or just love to travel, What …

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How to Set Up Wallpaper

Things to Keep In Mind While Applying wallpaper -Have you just bought your first apartment? -And do you have problems to decorate it? -Have you problems to find out the easy and best way to decorate and get your dream apartment or house? -Where can I find the best decoration at a good price? -And …

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